BELL Pit Boss Roses Jet/Half Helmet

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Perfect Your Fit
Looks can be deceiving. At first glance our Pit Boss may look like many other half-helmets in the cruiser category. Scratch the surface, though, and youll discover quality that sets it above the competition: A lightweight TriMatrix (carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass composite) shell, an innovative Speed Dial fit system that prevents the lift and slippage plaguing most other half-helmets, a drop-down internal shield in Dark Smoke that provides on the fly protection from the sun, and a removable neck curtain offering cold weather protection and speaker pockets for a convenient way to add audio enhancement. Snug the Pit Boss onto your head and thumb the starter button one ride will confirm the Pit Boss as the King of the Road.

Shell : TriMatrix composite shell construction
Shield : Internal Sun Shade offers "on the fly" protection from the sun / Optional replacement lenses available in Clear, Hi-Def and Smoke
Certification : DOT