Leatt Junior Dual Axis Knee Guard Jr.

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All new for 2023 is the Dual-Axis knee and shin guard Junior, this is the top level knee guard for junior riders, not only does it have CE certified impact knee protector but also has dual pivots each side that copy the natural knee motion for the best comfort.
This is the toughest guard out there! The combination of impact absorbing foam covered by a hard- shell chassis fits perfectly due to a secure and comfortable strapping system.
Has a Leatt protection score of 25 out of 25, next step up in protection would be the Z-Frame knee brace Junior.

Total Leatt protection score of 25 points
Hard shell and 3DF ventilated impact foam
Anatomically correct, pivoting design for left and right sides ensures perfect motion
Slim shin plate that also fits inside boots
Vented plates for maximum airflow